Tiffin Premium Tea Liqueur

Tiffin Premium Tea Liqueur




24% Alc Vol

TIFFIN is a Premium Tea Liqueur distilled from selected Premium Quality Teas. TIFFIN offers a unique bouquet and a light refreshing taste of premium tea. Enjoy TIFFIN straight, on ice or mixed.

It's the original tea liqueur that can be appreciated cold, on ice, with fruit juices, or white spirits. There are several delicious cocktails contains TIFFIN.

It displays stunningly nuanced aromas and flavours that embody the full range of tea characteristics. Intensely aromatic, it displays mouthwatering notes of bergamot, rose petal, allspice, and fresh herbs. The palate is ever-so-slightly tannic, with flavours of dark fruit and black pepper.

Insanely popular - Japan's Number 1 selling tea liqueur for the past 10 years!

Made only from the finest extracts of Premium Black Tea from Ceylon.

There is even a recipe for a Tiffin-layered fruit cake!

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