The Story of Teichenne, SA

This Spanish company produces a wide array of alcoholic beverages from absinthes, schnapps, liqueurs, premixes, ... to brandies and tequilas. Most important, natural ingredients are used in the production to create the finest products.

In 1956, Juan Teichenne Senaux, an independent oenologist, had launched the family winery Teichenne S.A. in the small town of L'Arboc (40 miles south of Barcelona). Born in France, Mr Teichenne had arrived to Spain as part of the French wine industry's search for new production sources and established in Catalonia.

In those early days, production was very small and handmade, based on brandy and liqueurs made out to be sold locally in the Penedes Region. Expansion didn't start until the seventies, when Joan Teichenne Canals became general manager of the company, after his father's death.

Sales increased dramatically after setting up the company's own distribution network in Catalonia. The next step was to cover Spain; Teichenne led, in the eighties, the boom of the Schnapps drinking fashion. These sweet fruit liqueurs also opened doors to international markets which have grown significantly ever since. The continuous production increase left the factory in L'Arboc too small. A brand new plant in Bellvei Del Penedes was acquired in 1994. As a result, Teichenne produces around 3 million litres a year of alcoholic beverages (in more than 200 lines) which have been introduced in more than 25 countries.

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