Suntory The Hakusu Distiller\'s Reserve Single Malt (JPW)

Suntory The Hakusu Distiller's Reserve Single Malt (JPW)




43% Alc Vol

Suntory extended its permanent range of single malts with the brand new Hakushu Distiller's Reserve. Born of an unusual blend of aged whiskies and young whiskies but with surprising character, this whisky is the result of a 90 year old know-how, transmitted to the brand blenders.
Complex and sweet, the Hakushu Distiller's Reserve is very attractive with its rich floral and fruity aromas ranging from citrus, mint and melon notes to lightly woody and smoky flavours. Very nice and refreshing, you can taste it dry or "on the rocks", but also the japanese typical way "highball" lying with sparkling water and decorated with a sprig of fresh mint .
For Suntory "age doesn't necessarily make the quality of a whisky", and inspired by this philosophy transmitted by the Torii family and its three generations of master blenders, the Hakushu Distiller's Reserve is a very strong connection between original and aged whiskies named "veterans" and younger but atypical and complex whiskies despite their age, called "young talents".
For this new single malt, the blenders team selected as "young talent" a Hakushu Lightly Peated whisky making roundness and freshness. The other two main ingredients are two "veterans", a Heavily Peated aged a dozen years for the typical smoky notes of the distillery signature, and a 18 year old "veteran" aged in american white oak which will give to the Hakushu Reserve Distiller's maturity and complexity.

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