Pacharan Olave 1L

Pacharan Olave 1L




25% Alc Vol, 1L

Pacharan is a sloe-flavoured liquor from Navarre, commonly drunk in Navarre, in the Basque Country and in the rest of Spain.

Pacharan is made by soaking sloe berries, collected from the blackthorn, in an anise-flavoured spirit (anisette) with a small number of coffee beans and a vanilla pod for several months. It results in a light reddish-brown sweet liquid with an alcohol content ranging from 25% to 30% after maceration and aging, making it a little stronger than port. The sweetness should be dry, deriving from the fruit, not the added sugar. A good nose reflects a balance between the bouquet of the sloes and additives and the aniseed liquor. The mouth should be velvety, a sign of fresh berries. But the drink's most striking characteristic, and the quickest indicator of quality, is its unique colour. Professional tasters can recite variations in hue with the nuance of an interior decorator discussing paint chips.

It is served cold or on ice as a digestif. Pacharan was essentially a home-made liquor of rural Navarre, but became popular in the late 19th century.

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