Macallan Rare Cask Single Malt

Macallan Rare Cask Single Malt




43% Alc Vol

The Macallan Rare Cask has been crafted from Spanish and American sherry seasoned oak casks, a high proportion of them being first fill, including some of the most precious and scarce casks. Collectively these factors have given rise to an exquisite whisky with a splendidly rich and resonant hue, and an unmistakably woody whisky.

It is a new addition to the company’s 1824 Series of core expressions which do not bear an age statement. Like the four others in the range – Gold, Amber, Sienna and Ruby – it allows Bob Dalgarno, Macallan’s highly skilled ‘Whisky Maker’, to choose casks which contribute to the individual whisky’s flavour, rather than being constrained by the requirement that it be of a specific age.

Macallan has long avoided giving their malt a ‘fake tan’ – to quote an American website – i.e. they do not adjust the colour by adding spirit caramel. So casks must be selected for the colour they add as well as the depth of flavour. Bob Dalgarno said: “Of more than a thousand barrels, aged in the industry's most exclusive and expensive casks, only 1% of the whiskies made the cut”. The website quoted above concludes succinctly: “The bottles are presented in a swank gatefold box”! 

The whisky has a bright polished mahogany hue and a viscous appearance. The first nose is of rich dry fruit cake or fruit loaf with a touch of cinnamon, a hint of white pepper and allspice, and a suggestion of cooking chocolate. A smooth texture and a sweet yet unusually (for Macallan) salty taste, with chocolate and spice. Water mellows all these elements and adds crème brulée and fresh oak. The taste is less salty. 

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