Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam 1995 Limited Edition

Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam 1995 Limited Edition




Only 2 sets available! Confirm availability before ordering!
A special edition Jeroboam of the 1995 vintage which comes encased in a plated white gold bottle sheath which is laser engraved with the Dom Perignon label.

This bottle of Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam exudes elegance and pure indulgence, making it an exceptional collector's item or keepsake for a special occasion.

Exquisitely balanced with notes of brioche and honey, which mingle with fresh almond and apricot, the champagne has a deep, intricate flavour that yearns for a fitting display. The bottle’s design is sought after but never ostentatious, and has been compared by some to “a haute couture gown endlessly gliding down the red carpet.” Its modern design boasts an engraving of the Dom Pérignon crest, wrapped in a sheath jacket of white gold (by Chaumet, of course).

The perfect accompaniment-beyond intimate candle lighting-for any fine-dining experience, whether it is lobster or caviar, though perfectly delectable on its own, is an alluring glass of Dom Pérignon. The new, record-breaking bottle is paired perfectly with the delicate ambrosia, its smoky overtones rounding out the vintage’s unique flavour, which lingers with a pure, mineral, fruity note. With the effervescent elegance of Dom Pérignon Vintage 1995, this white gold jeroboam remains an item to treasure long after the final drop has been poured.

Officially launched in May 2008 it is the most expensive champagne jeroboam at US$17,000, now calling at some markets at close to US$40,000. A jeroboam is a 3 litre bottle and this claim to the "most expensive" tag is explicitly tied to this size of this particular vintage.

Background Information:

When Father Pierre Perignon took over as cellar master at the Benedictine Abbey of Hautvillers in 1668, his avowed goal was "to make the best wine in the world". For a young monk just 30 years old, it took a visionary spirit and exceptional audacity to pursue such lofty ambitions. An exact contemporary of Louis XIV, Dom Pérignon transformed the history of wine, just as the Sun King revolutionized the very notion of "art de vivre". Wine was the medium for their meeting, as the excellence of "Father Perignon's wine" earned it a place at the king's table.

More than three centuries later, the House of Dom Perignon perpetuates the visionary approach of its founder, widely considered the spiritual father of Champagne. Released only as a vintage, Dom Perignon is cellar aged for at least seven years prior to release. This time is critical for harmonising the flavours and ensuring that the wine’s balance remains elegant,  ensual and ethereal. Dom Perignon can also be enjoyed many years later with rare OEnotheque vintages, released by the Chef de Cave at times when the intensity and complexity of the wine has reached optimum levels. Each new vintage is a unique creative act, reinventing the extraordinary style of a wine that only the Chef de Cave may declare a "vintage year".

"The grapes are never the same from one year to the next. If a harvest does not meet Dom Perignon's unyielding standards, there will be no vintage champagne that year. This isn't a value judgment - it's an aesthetic vision" says Dom Pérignon Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy.

The unique personality of Dom Pérignon is born of this creative commitment. It is this tension between the distinctive qualities of a year and the timeless spirit that defines Dom Perignon, an unparalleled sensation that imparts weightlessness, airy richness and suppleness from first impression to the long-lasting finish.

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