Cellini Gianduia Cream

Cellini Gianduia Cream




Artistry, energy and ingenuity abound in this enticing Gianduia and grappa-based liqueur from entrepreneur Sandro Bottega and his family. it is produced at the Bottega family facilities near Venice in northeast Italy's Veneto region - the birthplace of grappa.

It is a creamy and pleasantly sweet liqueur, characterized by an exciting taste of Gianduia chocolate and a moderate alcohol content, which makes it particularly smooth to the palate. It is the only chocolate liquor containing grappa from Veneto and hazelnut paste. It is an Italian liquor made with grappa, milk cream, chocolate and hazelnuts characterized by its persuasive nut chocolate aroma. Grappa is mixed with milk cream, homogenized and filtered, to get rid of the fats. Then it is mixed with sugar, chocolate and hazelnuts extract and mixed together. Gianduia is a very popular, creamy and softer chocolate made with the addition of hazelnuts from Piedmont.

Sweet, velvety, creamy and thick, with intense aroma of chocolate and hazelnuts.

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