BVland Jodhpur Gin London Dry Gin (New!) miniature

BVland Jodhpur Gin London Dry Gin (New!) miniature





43% Alc Vol, Spanish

Colour: Transparent, translucent with a sharp edge and twinkling glints in its clean and bright base
Aroma: An aromatic distillation elegant and fine on the nose, aromatic with delicate and all-enveloping notes of wild berries, such as juniper, with slight resinous reminiscences and a subtle background of aromatic herbs. Rather sharp but very balsamic
Flavour: Very smooth and unctuous on entering the mouth and with reminiscences of juniper berries rounded off with flavours of other aromatic herbs. A slight touch of citric resins, flavour of alcohol, with slight sting due to its high alcohol content, and very fine due to its excellent distillation
Sensation on swallowing: In the end it is very aromatic with major, very long, balsamic reminiscences, and a long aftertaste
Suggestions - how to drink it: We recommend drinking it when making a Tom Collins or in a gin and tonic



Won Gold Medal in Francisco World Spirits Competition 2011

Won Silver Medal in International WInes & Spirits Competition 2011 Quality Award

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